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First post: interview with the owner and creator of ScruffyDog

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Leila, owner and creator of ScruffyDog. After spending many years working in the commercial world that took me to many places around the world, I decided to do something that would allow me the time at home with my family and beloved pets; and at the same time be a conduit to express my creativity. I also spend a lot time doing my other hobbies: reading, walking dogs, swimming in the sea, cooking and spending time with friends.  I am passionate about food, art, travelling.

Why did you start ScruffyDog?

I love buying clothes and shoes for the children of my friends and my many nieces and nephews. I saw there was a real shortage of good quality, well designed and reasonably priced children’s shoes on the market. A gap to be filled.

Did you work in shoe manufacturing before?

No, but I always wear shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Also my grandpa was a podiatrist and he always insisted on the importance of the right fitting shoes

What do you love about the ScruffyDog Buddy?

I love it because it’s a unisex sandal; its design and colour simplicity makes it more versatile; its full leather lining makes it both comfortable and healthy for the feet; and it gives great protection to the big toe – no more bleeding toes.

What inspired the name of the business and shoes?

The business is named after my first dog, Scruffy, who was a local legend. I adopted him when he was 7 and had him for 12 years. I went through many of the life’s ups and downs with Scruffy. A hug and a chat with Scruffy always made everything okay. He was my best Buddy

How long have you had the business for?

ScruffyDog was established in 2005, it’s been 11years now. Some of the children who wore Buddy when we first started are now almost finishing high school.

What’s the best part about being your own boss?

The way I run ScruffyDog is to be involved in all aspects of the business, from design and manufacturing, to sales and even all the tedious paper work. I love the variety, the flexible working hours, and get a great sense of achievement when I see children in the street wearing Buddy.

What’s next for ScruffyDog?

ScruffyDog has a loyal following and it’s growing organically through word of mouth. I am content to just keep going.